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Mia Karlsson - Green 'Bamboo' bowl 22x8cm

Mia Karlsson - Green 'Bamboo' bowl 22x8cm

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Mia Karlssonis a Finnish born glass blower. She was educated in this ancient craft in Kosta, Sweden and now calls Kalaru, NSW home.

Artist statement: Creating a beautifully shaped, translucent object out of molten sand is, and I believe always will remain, a fascinating process for me. Sometimes it´s like wrestling and sometimes it´s like dancing, the lava-like material is an entity with a will of its own.The hot-work is often just the beginning of the process for me. After the glass has been shaped and annealed I then use engraving or sand blasting to decorate it.  I hope I can create pieces that will be cherished and passed down through the generations but if they ultimately end up back where they begun, as sand on a sea-bed, that won´t be so bad either.

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